“Farmocenter group is an exporter, importer & transit of grains & flour since 2010
Our company with its reliable experts& specialists, seeks long term business relationship by providing quality& professional services”


Acuaring all legal certificates,doing customs farmalities
Delivery & transit of the products



Import And transit of quality grains from Russian federation



Exporting flour,produced from russian wheat to all parts of the world
specially middle east


Importing Products

wheatSupplying Russian wheat directly & without intermediary to global markets

BarleySupplying Russian barley directly & without intermediary to global markets

CornSupplying Russian corn directly & without intermediary to global markets

Exporting Products

“Farmo Center Co. has developed a customer club In order to create effective communications with customers and increase productivity and You will be eligible for concessions and discounts by subscribing to it.”

customers club

Why people choose us

  1. Trust & Transparency
  2. Since our company is customer-centric,Trust & transparency are our most valuable business commodities. We are committed to set up an environment full of trust and mutual co-operation with our clients.

  3. Business consultancy
  4. Our professionals can assist you in evaluating each business growth opportunity to make sure it matches your overall business strategy and will help you attain your financial goals.

  5. Quality Assurance
  6. We take great pride in supplying both quality productd and It is our commitment to provide the best quality products to our customers.

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