Considering that wheat is a strategic crop and Iran is self- sufficient in wheat production,the definitive importing of this product to Iran is banned by approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, so iran imports russian wheat for private millers who would then produce flour for export.
Farmo Center trading company,with it’s experienced experts and obtaining temporary import licenses is one of the well-known brands in domestic and international markets.

Export Services of Farmo Center Trading Company :

  • • identifying the target market and fast marketing

  • • Obtaining the necessary permits from the Food and Drug Administration

  • • Continuous cooperation with the countries best flour mills

Customs Clearance and shipping :

  • •Utilizing experienced customs brokers in the field of wheat clearance, in order to reduce shipping costs .

  • •Obtaining the necessary permits for clearing the cargo in the shortest time.

  • •Long time cooperation with valid carrier companies in order to deliver the cargo in the shortest possible time,and utilizing the best vehicles with the lowest drop to the final destination.

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